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Refrigerated Cargo service

Refrigerated Cargo Service with reefer container
Choosing specialist for simple, cost-effectived and versatile logistcs solution with our performance team

Through years, TAM has given the professional reefer service, with not only refrigerate containers but also a small refrigerated carriers(DWT 500-2,000 tons) from/to world and ocean transfer between ships

In case of most fresh perishable cargo should continue to live and breathe till distant markets, Various pre-checking points, like temperatures and controlling of Atmosphere(ventilation- CBH/M) Proper stowage, pre cooling down, monitoring of temperatures during all transit with its self lifetimes and most process for the prefect and fast delivery could be one of most important matter

It's too risky just to recognize that it would be very simple which could be handled with a just a few of knowledge about like how to operate refrigerated containers and a few humble experiences.

Frozen/Fresh cargo handling requires a lot of field experiences and delicate cares till the final delivery to market

Oversea port but till the each consumer¡¯s market basket

Like Most nations, All kind, without exceptions, of imported (animal & plants) foods to Korea should be passed KFDA¡¯s(Korea Food and Drug agency) very strict inspections with each legitimate Heath certifications and other required documents prior to applying import custom declaration and In this process, there have been happened some rejected goods ,which must be returned to ship back or disposed under KFDA¡¯s regulations

We've been dealing with these unexpected issues years smoothly every month, in case of frozen/cold cargo, just transport isn¡¯t all but how to smoothly delivery with safely.

If you have any concerns with such cargo we know how to do and help you, please contact us

Our service including

1. Container Haulage service to Cold storage in Korea(Yong In & Kwang Ju etc)

2. Agency for the application to all food KFDA inspection and assistance

3. Post –processing of Rejected frozen/Fresh cargo—shipped back or disposal

4. Cold storage/ware housing/ correction if required

5. Distribution

6. Market searching

Our services could be provided after discharging at Busan

Provisional documental inspection and container at terminal

Bonded transport permission from custom office,(G/weight should be under 25,000kg)

Release the container to client¡¯s warehousing and Un stuffing

KFDA inspection and permission- if any overload/shortage , correction to custom office

Custom clearance declaration with payment tax and duty

Storage and distribution

NOR (Non Operating Reeer Container ) Service

For saving the freight , we could offer you our NOR service to some destinations which depending on carrier¡¯s equipment condition on destination

Please fee fee to ask us with your cargo details/packing condition/destination to offer you our bets solutions and best freight too