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Transshipment(T/S) Service

Transshipment Service via Korean air/Sea port

The sea and air port of Busan and Incheon,Etc. in South Korea are now utilized as a very importanttransshipment Hub ports in Far East Asia nations/ports and for Heavier shipment to utilize over than 300 ton lifting capacities of gantry crane at Busan New Port

we are now providing very effective and diversified transshipment service for all kind of goods at lower costs which help our customers expansion of their regional businessscope and prolong their deliver till their customers at smaller neighbor ports inChina,Japan and Russia via South Korea ports,even North Kores port if permitted by Authorities or United nations by trans loaded between containers, container/bulk or vice versa, Bulk/bulk and sea/air transshipments or your triangles trading business purposes without delays and unforeseen charges

Transshipment from /to Northern coast ports of Japan

Transshipment from/to China

Transshipment from/to Far East Russia port ,like as Vladivostok,Sakhalin island

Transshipment from/to TRS/T|CR ports in Russia, China

Transshipment all Far East Asia ports and Australia , Like as Vietnam Etc

Transshipment from/to North Korea ports( subject to UN and our National Authorities¡¯ permission)